The organisation of events is often combined with meticulous planning, hectic execution and great joy.

This applies whether the event is a small local concert, a cup final in a team sport or a major international event.

During the events, when large amounts of people are crowding a limited venue, various unexpected and negative incidents may happen. It is not possible to insure against these incidents happening but through careful preparations in combination with customized event insurances it is possible to minimise the negative consequences.

Here follow some examples of questions that we recommend that event organisers, in consultation with us, should ask themselves during the planning stage.

  • What do we do if the event arena burns down the night before the event?
  • What do we do if the artist/athlete fails to arrive on the appointed day /time?
  • What do we do if it is too cold, rainy etc to go through with the event?
  • What do we do if there is a breakdown of the live TV broadcast?
  • What happens if our spectators stumble on the grandstand and seriously injure themselves?
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