Liability Insurance

We offer a great variety of Liability Insurance. Chose from any one of the categories below.

Charterers liability

This indemnifies the Assured for losses, costs and expenses for which he is found legally liable, in his capacity as a charterer of vessels, including liability for bodily injury and/or damage to hull, cargo and third parties, including pollution.

P&I Insurance

This provides coverage for the Assureds Third Party physical loss or damage and bodily injury arising out of ownership &/or operations of a vessel(s), including damage to cargo and crew.

This provides coverage for the Assureds liability arising from his Stevedoring operations, (Physical Damages And Bodily Injury), including damage to vessels/craft, cargoes, equipment and third party property.

This provides coverage for the Assureds legal liability to others which the Assured may incur as a Terminal Operator, including consequential loss.

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