Sport Insurance

Provins Insurance offers specifically designed sport insurance for sports associations, clubs and athletes.

Often an intense activity where the athlete is prepared since childhood to make a successful career out of his biggest interest.The dream of success can easily turn into a nightmare as all sport activities have an element of risk. The risk is always there of being injured so badly that you get permanent disablement and can not continue with what you wanted most in life.

The various Swedish athletic federations are in general offering a limited insurance cover that in many cases does not compensate the athlete enough in case of an injury or unforeseen incident. Provins Insurance has long experience in this field. We can arrange complementary insurance cover for both athletes and youths.

Provins Insurance is with effect from 2008 officially in collaboration with PGA of Sweden.

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Sport insurance

PGA of Sweden

Provins Insurance AB is the official insurance broker for PGA of Sweden.

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