Life insurance
& savings

Provins Insurance offers savings and life insurance for companies and private persons.

Together with our partners we can offer – either you are a private person or a company – access to some of the world leading companies on the fund- and saving markets. Either the savings are in funds, insurances or other forms we are able to help our clients.

Our combination of knowledge and independence gives us the freedom to focus on the best solutions for our clients. Our objective is to offer our professional approach to create a good profitability for our clients. We are well informed on global as well as the Swedish markets and possibilities.

All our solutions are based on careful analysis on client needs and are based on suited products for the client. Keywords in our analyses are time, purpose and the level or risk. We have partners both in Sweden and abroad.

Life insurance & savings

  • Savings
  • Funds
  • Client suited products
  • Careful analysis on client needs
  • Swedish market
  • Global market
  • Independent

Contact Gunnar Ageskär, Sales Manager, for more information about Life & Savings at

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Life insurance & savings

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